Editing Services

Know what you want to say but not sure how to do so clearly and concisely?

I have over ten years of experience helping writers find the right word, detangle confusing sentences and correct errors. I love working with people to ensure that their words are powerful and precise without changing their voice.

I offer several levels of  editing:

Light Editing

  • correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and basic structural errors;
  • query inconsistencies and statements that seem incorrect;
  • flag sentences that are confusing.

Medium Editing

  • all of the above plus
  • offer suggestions to confusing sentences;
  • flag  unclear transitions and offer suggestions for revision;
  • flag imprecise wording, awkward constructions, slang or jargon.

Heavy Editing

  • all of the above plus
  • revise awkward or ambiguous statements;
  • ask for or suggest definitions of terms likely to be new to readers;
  • flag faulty organization and gaps in logic;
  • check numbering of footnotes or endnotes, tables and figures;
  • check alphabetization of bibliography or reference list;
  • check footnotes, endnotes and in-text citations against bibliography or reference list.

Developmental Editing

  • examine project or manuscript as a whole for clear and effective organization;
  • flag and suggest alternatives to convoluted sentences, wordiness or jargon;
  • ask for or suggest definitions of terms likely to be new to readers;
  • flag inconsistencies and gaps in content;
  • suggest areas to cut or trim;
  • suggest areas that need more clarification.

To discuss the details of your project and request a free estimate, please e-mail victorialawnyc at gmail dot com or contact me here.